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(IEF "СD")  

 14 APRIL 2017  

Working languages ​​of the IEF CD: Russian and English

The operator informed of the following harmonized conditions for participation in the IEF CD for different categories of organizations:

·         All commercial companies, irrespective of their ownership have the right to take part in a forum on the condition of advance payment of the registration or sponsorship fee (before the Forum).

·         All non-profit organizations, academic institutions, the media and government representatives are participating in the IEF CD without paying the registration fee.

·         enterprises which are on the simplified taxation system provided significant discounts for participation

Registration fee includes:





1100 euro


 (If paid before 01/20/2017)


1255 euro

 (If paid before 01/02/2017)


further 1333 euro



315 euro

 (If paid before 01/20/2017)


470 euro

 (If paid before 01/02/2017)


further 862 euro




Discounts (can stack a maximum of 2 discounts species).
1. For the members of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce - 5% discount.
2. For regular participants in the IEF "Caspian Dialogue" (twice or more) -5% depending on the payment due date.
3. With the participation of two or more representatives from one company to 10%.
4. Subject to the pre-payment of contributions for the 6 months prior to the event a discount of more than 30%.
5. Subject to the payment of contributions up to 3 months before the event, a discount of 14%.

«VIP-package» (further 1333 euro is not refundable) includes: VIP-registration, badge «VIP-party", coffee breaks in the VIP-hall, one pass to attend all official receptions, dinners and cocktail presentation on the provisional application (except for the main session); making presentations; one set of information materials; placement of information about the company in the electronic catalog (; Services information center; organization of business meetings with the heads and representatives of companies and organizations on the provisional application (up to 5 organizations), participation in formal business meetings in the business center; providing a place in a hall opening IEF CD in the VIP area, the opportunity to participate in IEF CD up to 2 accompanying persons (without catering).
"Business Package" (further 862 euro- non-refundable) includes: participation in business meetings, participation in sessions, "round tables"; placement Company 800 characters of information in the electronic catalog (; Services Information Center, one set of information materials; one pass to attend the dinners, cocktails and coffee breaks.

PACKAGE "Business visit" 75 euro
PACKAGE "Business -Full day visit" 130 euro
Package "Accompanying person" 130 euro
"The information in the booklet IEF CD, 2017» company party of 165 euro
"ABOUT THE COMPANY party online (800 characters) 80 euro
Placing a mobile stand in the foyer of the conference hall (up to 2 m) to 165 euro


Company Party may submit to the Organizer an application for participation in the Forum. Then, the organizers will send the participant an invoice for payment of the registration fee.
The participant must pay the invoice within 3 days.