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   Наука и Инновации Каспия

         Совет по научно-техническому и инновационному сотрудничеству

Caspian Energy Forum. December 8, 2021

International Assembly "Caspian Dialogue"

30.03.2022 unnamed.jpgAstrakhan State University is a traditional participant in the Caspian Dialogue. In 2022, the university delegation will take part in its new format - the International Assembly.
The delegation of the University will be headed by 

АГУ.jpgRector Konstantin Markelov, who will make a presentation at the plenary session
"Science and innovations of universities in the interests of security and sustainability of the development of the Caspian region".
Among other participants of the Assembly from FSBEI HE "Astrakhan State Technical University":

Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Head of the Department of Hydrobiology and General Ecology
Elena Kondratenko, Dean of the Faculty of Biology
Tatyana Ershova, Associate Professor of the Department of Hydrobiology and General Ecology, Candidate of Biological Sciences
Anna Konkova, Head of the Scientific and Testing Laboratory of Ichthyopathological Research and Comprehensive Testing of Preparations, Associate Professor of the Department of Biotechnology, Zoology and Aquaculture, Candidate of Biological Sciences
Tatyana Kuzina, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences

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