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   Наука и Инновации Каспия

         Совет по научно-техническому и инновационному сотрудничеству

Caspian Energy Forum. December 8, 2021

International Economy Forum "Caspian Dialogue,2015"

26.03.2015 The Forum will be attended and made a presentation by representatives of the State Organization N.N. Zubov "State Oceanographic Institute":
Alexander Korshenko, head of the laboratory monitoring of marine pollution FGBU N.N. Zubov "State Oceanographic Institute" (co-authors: A. Postnov, E. Ostrovsky, S. Monakhov) will speak at the session on the environment. The topic of his speech: "On the way to the creation of the Caspian regional water quality standards / targets for water quality."

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