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   Наука и Инновации Каспия

         Совет по научно-техническому и инновационному сотрудничеству

Caspian Energy Forum. December 8, 2021

IEF "Caspian Dialogue,2015"


The Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan will participate in the activities of the Forum. The delegation consisted of: Asif Garayev, the second secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vugar Rafiq oglu Imamaliev, Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Russia, Mahir Gahramanov, Head of Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Elchin Mammedov, expert of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources,  Otel Huseynov, an expert of the Ministry of energy, Mammad Nasibov, an expert company "SOCAR", Emin Huseynov, Vice-Rector of the University of ADSs and masters of the University.

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